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OUR Agenda

“A vision without implementation is hallucination.”


1. Institutionalize democracy

  • defend and implement freedom of expression and other basic rights

  • implement and safeguard the constitution

  • improve the constitution

  • remove discrimination in citizenship

  • review election area every 10 years and change if required 

  • rearrange national assembly representation by including minimum representation from each province and then on the basis of population


2. National resolution against caste and/or gender-based discrimination

  • the state shall apologize for the persecution of dalit communities due to centuries long caste discrimination and shall provide appropriate compensation

  • mitigate gender-based discrimination and adopt zero-tolerance for gender-based violence

  • to establish female friendly and gender minorities friendly society and state, ensure empowerment, representation and participation of these groups


3. Land reform 

  • provide habitat or land to build shelter for those who do not have shelter/habitat to live 

  • appropriate classification of land to utilize the land scientifically

  • make agriculture more professional and profitable


4. Improve electoral system

  • allow all registered political parties to use their own party’s election symbol during local election and in a long term make a provision such that the candidates use their names instead of election symbol

  • individual who got elected by proportional system once cannot get elected again through proportional system no matter which party (has to fight direct election)

  • provide means to vote for all Nepali citizens no matter where they live

  • political parties receive fund from the government under certain criteria

  • provide equal access to all candidates during election 


5. Innovation and Digitalization

  • digitize all the data used in governmental work

  • make and implement digital law & regulation to protect individual data

  • use digital payment in all governmental financial transactions

  • make internet access citizen’s fundamental rights

  • make address system scientific so that one can easily reach a street and a house,  make postal system modern and scientific

  • make Nepal an innovation centre


6. Zero tolerance for violence and corruption

  • provide possibility of self-defense and confidence boosting training for children and women

  • provide moral education early on such that the respect and tolerance for each increases in the society and capability of differentiating right from wrong develops 

  • investigate properties of all politicians and their cadres


7. Organic State

  • minimize the use of chemical fertilizers, take initiative to build organic fertilizer making factories in Nepal, invest in organic fertilizer development and provide training to farmers accordingly

  • become plastic free

  • increase hydropower, solar power and renewable energy, make Nepal’s fuel storage capacity enough for 2 years

  • save environment from further damage, punish those who operate crusher companies without permission and damage the surroundings severely 

  • better management and improvement of national parks and local parks, ensure the safety of natives, flora and fauna within and around the national parks

  • development, management and promotion of marijuana and other herbs for medicine, cosmetic and other exportable products

  • appropriate waste management with recycling and upcycling, earn money from waste and implement the concept of circular economy 

  • implement the concept of agroforestry


8. Guru State

  • protect communal and cultural heritage as well religious sites

  • preserve local languages; provide opportunities to learn and teach Sanskrit and other local languages

  • promote and manage different types of tourism

  • develop peaceful working style and guest friendly attitude

  • provide and maintain one library in each village or city municipality

  • encourage creative works like arts and literature


9. Implement basic education rights enshrined in the constitution

  • increase the quality of government schools

  • allow only a certain number schools in a certain area to ensure quality and quantity

  • provide minimum number of schools depending on the population of that area

  • provide loan at minimum interest for students to pursue higher education which they can pay back step by step once they have completed their studies; they have to payback the whole loan at once, if they opt to leave the country

  • prohibit politically affiliated associations within school and university and remove if they exist; but encourage independent student councils and unions which raise the issues that concerns the teachers, staff and the students of the respective school or university

  • make provisions for vocational training and dual studies

  • make pedagogy mandatory for all kind of teachers

  • promote and encourage financial and spiritual education, e.g. yoga


10. Implement basic health rights enshrined in the constitution

  • increase the quality of government hospitals

  • allow only a certain number hospitals in a certain area to ensure quality and quantity

  • provide minimum number of hospitals depending on the population of that area

  • make provisions for health insurance and make it mandatory step by step

  • prohibit politically affiliated associations within hospital and remove if they exist; but encourage independent unions which raise the issues that concerns the staff, doctors, nurses and the patients of the respective hospital


11. Safety of Nepal and Nepali 

  • resolve the border issue with neighbours, check identity cards at the open border and maintain data of incoming and outgoing activities 

  • build a well trained cyber team for cyber security; for security issues always use modern technology like drones and artificial intelligence 

  • secure geographical integrity, hereby also maintaining peaceful diplomatic relationship with neighbours

  • preserve natural resources (water, forest etc.) 

  • efficient management of natural disasters including preparation, training and mechanism for warning

  • make judicial process free and independent not only in theory but in practice

  • modernize infrastructure and transportation scientifically

  • determine the appropriate size for army and demotivate military from commercialization

  • make all security bodies more professional

  • make counter intelligence strong


12. Nepal shall be built by Nepali 

  • specify minimum wage (per hour)

  • make provisions so that the talents from abroad can come (return) to Nepal easily

  • make volunteer work of 2 - 3 months compulsory to pass SEE, volunteer work must include manual or service jobs like waiter, weaving carpet, cooking, cleaning etc.

  • introduce income based pension step by step within 20 years and phase out the current old age allowance

  • allocate a budget for research and innovation in universities, educational institutions, NAST etc.

  • invest in infrastructure, players, trainers and other facilities to promote sports

  • to improve the quality of food and all public places (school, hotel, restaurant, transport etc.), introduce a law that sets a criteria for minimum standard with appropriate sanction if the standard is not maintained

  • ensure the rights of children

  • ensure the rights of senior citizens


13. State mechanism and governance

  • improve the appointment process of constitutional bodies, court, ambassadors and so on

  • bring an end to all kind of cartels in different areas that has been manipulating and distorting the market, pass strong law against them

  • make bureaucracy efficient and effective, minimize corruption

  • embracing the principles of panchsheel continue with the principles of non-alignment


14. Economic transformation including ethical and moral society

  • make an appropriate environment for the citizens to work and live with dignity

  • modernize local business and ensure proper market management


15. Cooperation and alliance building

  • coordinate and collaborate with other individuals, groups or political parties on same agendas

  • build agenda-based alliance with democratic parties

May all be blessed!

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