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campaign network


Basic Idea

In Nepal, our society has the problem that we are individually successful but have failed collectively. Nepal has a billionaire, Nepalis all around world have successful careers as doctors, engineers, professors, artists and so on. However, we have failed to utilize these outstanding Nepali talents for the betterment of whole Nepali communities.

EXamples of network

One of the problem is that the traditional political parties do not know how to collaborate and cooperate. They have this feudalistic mentality that one should have one's own people everywhere and when you need something you just call your so called 'karyakarta' or 'jholes'. Nepal Bibeksheel Party as a radical centrist has the mission to break this feudalistic system. We believe in collaboration and cooperation. In this global world, you should have allies everywhere.

For this, we have started this unique concept of 'campaign network'. Anyone can join the existing networks or create your own network. You don't have to be a party member to be a part of this. These networks shall work almost autonomously and the teams shall plan and execute different campaigns and programs to achieve the goal of the created 'campaign network'

The only condition Bibeksheel Party has is we request the participants to abide by our values. We are completely against any violence. We demand transparency and accountability from each 'campaign network'.

Contact us to be a building block in the state building process. Together we succeed!

Education Network

Work together to bring long term changes in the education system of Nepal.

Women Network

Discuss and bring positive changes in professional and personal field for women. For example mentoring programs.

Employment Network

Organise programs to fascilitate and generate employment in Nepal.

Environment Network

Organise campaigns and awareness programs to stop further damage to our earth and environment.

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