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In the long run, Nepal Bibeksheel Party has the agenda that political parties are to some extent funded by tax money as per the number votes they received. This will help in transparency and reduce corruption.

Currently, we finance our administrative costs from membership fees and donations by our members and well-wishers. We also sell merchandise products and organise fund raising events.

E-sewa or khalti

Please state the purpose clearly, e. g.

"membership fees for xyz".



BANK TRansfer

Please state the purpose clearly, e. g. "office rent",

"election 2022".

NAME: Nepal Bibeksheel Party
A/C NO.:  02709911900013

BANK:    Himalayan Bank
BRANCH:    New Baneshwor


in person

Come to our office and pay cash.

Please contact 9883068001 / 9745957575.

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