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Our Mission

"Create an environment to live a dignified life in Nepal."

Nepal today needs a political organisation and leadership that is capable of fulfilling the desire of normal citizens to live a free, dignified and prosperous life. For this, value-based politics and ethical politicians are a must. Only an organisation that is democratic and efficient in practice, inclusive policy and accountable leaders can give Nepal the right political direction and pave the way out of current political chaos.


Bibeksheel party is being established as this transformative political organisation with modern political culture because of the following reasons:


1) value-based and agenda-based politics; internal participatory democracy

2) follow and implement the constitution and improve it where necessary

3) zero tolerance for fraud, corruption, (women) violence, harassment, discrimination

4) accountability and transparency in each work

5) belief that ‘a title or a position’ is a responsibility to work and not something to distribute 

6) campaigns and programs are all symbolic and completely nonviolent

7) 50% female in coordination committee and 53.32% inclusion (including 35.55% female)         in federal committee

8) provision of taking compulsory at least one term break after serving two terms in one               executive position but the party’s elected federal chairperson is not allowed to give                   candidacy after serving two terms (can compete for other positions though)

9) no politically affiliated organisations in schools, universities and hospitals

10) our political point of departure:

participatory democracy, republic state, federalism, inclusion and secularism


May all be blessed!

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