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Note Chalne Vote Nachalne

Ensure millions of Nepalis abroad can vote

Change the rules now ! Follow the rules now ! This is UNACCEPTABLE ! 3 Million & more Nepali living out of Nepal are not given the basic facility to vote while they save our economy back home.

  • Is it a democracy if nearly 1 out of 3 Nepali voters ( 3 million+) will not be allowed to vote ! Specially, when they are some of most productive citizens who are keeping their families and Nepal running. nearly one out of three Nepali voters can't vote because Nepal government just because they happen to be outside Nepal. Is this democracy? Is this loktantra or #Loottantra?

  • Supreme Court of Nepal has ordered the government and election commission to provide this rights already! Why are they not doing it ? Why no progress ?

Join our #NepalLetMeVote campaign and protect your rights now: Social media Hashtag: #Ideservetovote

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