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Create Jobs

To be financially independent, we need a lot of jobs in Nepal. For that Bibeksheel party organizes several programs regularly. E.g.

# CV workshop

# Financial management workshop

# Workshop on how to register a company
# Workshop on how to do tax clearance
# Work with grass root people regarding micro finance


Waste Management & Environment Protection

Environment protection starts with waste management. It is not only about recycling and upcycling but also how to produce as less waste as possible.

We are working on this. Please stay tuned!

reading list.png

Read, Read, Read

Learning through reading and writing is a life long task. We want to motivate and encourage every Nepali to read. 

We are collaborating with different people and organisations. We shall update soon. Please stay tuned!

WAYS YOU CAN get involved

Be a Volunteer

You can join us as a volunteer in our running campaigns.

Be a Campaigner

You can lead a campaign in your area.

Start your own campaign

You can create your own campaign network and bring forward issues that you care about.

Become a Member

Join us to be a part of radical political changes including 

transformative societal changes.

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