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Running campaigns


Voter ID Campaign

In democracy, voting right is one of the tools to express your support or disagreement. Unfortunately, thousands of Nepali, especially youth, do not have voter ids yet. Make your voter id today and choose the right candidate.

Note: Once election is announced, you are not allowed to make voter id.


Note Chalne Vote Nachalne Campaign

Bibeksheel has been raising the voting rights issue of Nepali living abroad for the past around six years. On 29th October 2018, the Supreme Court of Nepal gave instructions to implement this right. 

We have been following this and also raising awareness that around 60 lakhs Nepali abroad cannot take part in election right now though their remittance is upholding our economy.


Right to Information (RTI) Campaign

As a Nepali citizen, each of us has the right to information. Anyone can visit to prepare an application. Use this right and help to institutionalize democracy. We also provide training on this topic on a regular basis.



WAYS YOU CAN get involved

Be a Volunteer

You can join us as a volunteer in our running campaigns.

Be a Campaigner

You can lead a campaign in your area.

Start your own campaign

You can create your own campaign network and bring forward issues that you care about.

Become a Member

Join us to be a part of radical political changes including 

transformative societal changes.

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