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Our Values

To achieve our specified goals by following our guiding principles without distraction, it is necessary to be bind by discipline embracing certain values that we have identified. Otherwise, we shall also be engulfed by current political discrepancies.

"You reap what you sow. Mangoes do not grow on a lemon tree."

Our behaviour related personal values are as follows:

1. Integrity

We need to transform our social trend that tends to motivate individual goals only disregarding collective interests and gains. For this, the citizens of the country must have integrity. Those who do not compromise integrity are honest towards their work and are able to speak truth no matter under what condition. People with integrity do what they say and say what they do. Only such citizens can help to clean the corrupt society. Leaders with integrity work for a long term benefit of the citizens and the nation as a whole rather than focusing on short term personal gains. 

2. Transparency

In our society, corruption has taken hold of almost all of us, from leaders to normal citizens. One of the strongest weapon to fight against this type of societal cancer is to establish the culture of transparency. If we can establish the habit of becoming transparent in our activities and demanding the same from others, corruption will not be able to spread in our society. Such positive habits or working style will also help to identify the factors leading to corruption. Bibeksheel citizens are always transparent in their actions.


3. Courage

Without courage even the most intellectual person will not dare to utilise his or her knowledge. Right now, we see and endure so much injustice and atrocities in Nepal but still decide to keep quiet in most cases. Individually excellent Nepali people fail collectively in our society because we don't have enough courage to use our common sense. Only those who dare to establish truth shall be Bibeksheel citizens.

4. Empathy

Nepal is a diverse country with different communities from various geographical and cultural background. To make this country peaceful and prosperous, a society with such diverse ideas, languages, customs and thoughts requires a sympathetic, tolerant and inclusive culture. Following the motto of 'unity in diversity', only Bibeksheel citizens who are able to sympathize with each other can unite this diverse society.

5. Humility

To overcome egoistic 'I am the best.' and 'I know it all.' mentality of current Nepali society and bring it towards right path, we need humble citizens. We need leaders who think more of others than themselves, and who knows and accepts that success is only possible through combined efforts. Only by practicing principles of humility, selfish Nepali society can be changed into a tolerant and patriotic society.


6. Excellence

Nepali citizens who work hard to be excellent in their fields and also respect excellence by others will be able to bring self esteem, tolerance and prosperity in Nepal. Right now, nepotism, cronyism and caste-based favoritism are deeply rooted in Nepal. To uproot this, we have to establish a system where only merit based work is respected and valued. This will help Nepali society to be based on excellence, innovation and creativity instead of caste and family relations. We shall always do our best to be excellent in our respective fields.

"Together We Succeed"

Our process related institutional values are as follows:

1. Accountability

When you take responsibility for a task, it is your duty to complete it. If you are prevented from taking care of your task, it is your duty to inform on time mentioning the reasons. If you make mistakes, you should apologize (say 'sorry') and do everything to improve yourself. Position or title means responsibility. We are committed to be transparent individually as well as institutionally.

2. Efficiency

Our society is suffering under the pattern of procrastination and doing whatever one feels like without much coordination with the stakeholders. We have to learn to respect the value of work and time. To achieve goals within the projected time, it is important to work efficiently. For this, correct utilization of technology, proper prioritization and improvement in management are necessary preconditions.

3. Zero tolerance for fraud, corruption, violence, harassment and discrimination

We take fraud, corruption, violence, harassment and discrimination very seriously. If someone makes such a mistake or such an action is found to be done in preplanned and organized way, the party shall punish this person (or even evict from the party). If someone made a mistake unknowingly and makes a guilty plea, the party shall give the person a chance for improvement, depending on the nature of his/her mistake.

4. Inclusion

Inclusion concerns not only female, marginalized groups or regions but everyone. One group or gender or region being left behind means harm to the whole society. We have to build a platform and make an environment where everyone can speak and listen to each other. The organisation should be the reflection of the society. The inclusion we have envisioned shall make our society strong and capable. Inclusion is today's need and a must in any institution.

5. Meritocracy

Merit is not only a title or a degree. It also means skills, experience and capability. For some work, formal education is important while for other jobs, experience and competence will be more important. In art and literature, there will be a different criteria for qualification whereas in policy making other criteria is applied. Thus, qualification should be based on what kind of task is at hand and what kind of result is expected. 

6. Internal participatory democracy

We motivate everyone to participate and give input in party internal activities and policy making process. To facilitate this, we shall make appropriate structure and medium. As long as the deeds and the words spoken are not forbidden by law, anyone can speak up and act according to his/her wish. While exercising one's individual rights, one should take care of not hindering other's individual rights. Humility matters! It is a duty of all committee members to exercise one's own rights and fulfill responsibilities as written in party's statute. While doing the job, enough participation by other committee members and party members should be ensured.

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